Minister directs TDSB

 Minister’s directives TDSB (1) Minister’s directives TDSB (2)  Louise Brown GTA, Kristin Rushowy Education Reporter, Published Toronto Star on Thu Jan 15 2015 Education Minister Liz [...]

De-amalgamating TDSB?

Kristin Rushowy The Star  Education Reporter, Published on Mon Jan 12 2015 Too big, too unwieldly and utterly dysfunctional.   For years, such criticism has been levelled against the Toronto [...]

Public input essential

“The proposed changes to the Pupil Accommodation Review Guidelines are … dismissive of the people and communities the Ministry of Education, and the Government of Ontario at large, [...]

school closing changes

Major changes coming for school closing process Currently, school boards must undertake a thorough public process when they are considering closing or consolidating schools. [...]

TDSB board committees

Trustee Committees TDSB Trustees meet at least nine times during the year for regular meetings of all trustees. There are also four standing committees and one permanent committee that meet and [...]

Shaun Chen elected to chair the TDSB

  TDSB elects Trustee Shaun Chen to chair newly elected board. Scarborough’s Sean Chen wants ‘to turn the page’ on past disputes involving Donna Quan and more. Chen defeated Chris Glover for the [...]