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For the latest Canadian  education research and policy news. TOPICS  Assessment (2)  Curriculum (1)  EdTech & Design (2)  Engagement (2)  Equity (2)  Indigenous Learning (1)  Promising Practices (5)  Research (2)  School Community (6)  Teaching (8)  Well-being (3) APPLY AUTHORS Select an authorSelectAaron AkuneAaron AkuneAdam de PencierAdam de PencierAdam William John DaviesAdam William John D... »

School Closures put Communities at Risk

In Ontario, over 2,000 schools have been permanently shuttered since 1990. Right now, 600 schools are under review for potential closure; 500 of these schools are located in rural communities and small towns. This is an important and high-profile issue for small towns and rural communities that are already stressed by the local impacts of a changing economic structure, an aging society, and concer... »

Racialized youth face barriers

High school graduation season was marked by a good news story this year. Ontario’s province-wide graduation rate reached an all-time high, with nearly 80 per cent of students finishing high school in four years. But while there’s reason to celebrate, that number also belies a persistent and troubling reality. Kids from minority groups, and Black boys in particular, are still disproportionate... »

Being black & queer in school; what its like

by Shantal Otchere nowtoronto.com     Jamea Zuberi is a teacher with the TDSB and member of the Black Student Achievement Advisory Committee (BSAAC).                                                                                                                  Blowback over Black Lives Matter – Toronto’s (BLM-TO) protest at Pride last summer exposed the ease with which we are capable of slipping... »

anti-black racism in schools

anti-black racism in schools

For Black students to succeed, the entire school system may have to be brought to a grinding halt and redesigned from the bottom up BY NEIL PRICE Over the past six months, I’ve been working on a research project focused on improving literacy in the Kingston-Galloway-Orton Park (KGO) community of Scarborough. It’s a community that media would have us believe is a hopeless, impoverished ... »

Cops out of schools?

Cops out of schools?

When the Toronto police board met [last] week, a lesser-known police initiative called the School Resource Officer program was a minor item buried deep on a packed agenda — and nowhere near the chopping block. But by the end of the monthly board meeting, the 36 uniform cops assigned to work in 75 schools across the city had nearly been pulled out of class, the program suddenly on the brink of susp... »

Optional attendance kills Vaughan Road Academy

Optional attendance kills Vaughan Road Academy

Race and class key to school’s demise. How odd it is to walk down these empty hallways. For the past 30 years, I’ve only visited them in dreams – and nightmares. Vaughan Road Academy, my old high school, is dying. In a month’s time it will be dead, the victim of declining enrolment (there are 200 students in a school that could hold five times that number.) Its demise can be attributed, depe... »

Trustees training

York Region trustees to undergo training in wake of scathing report York Region District School Board approves plan for trustees to get training in governance and equity issues. The York Region District School Board has approved a plan for extensive equity and governance training for trustees and senior staff to meet the deadlines for the first set of directives set out by the education ministry a... »

Keep our cherished local schools

On Tuesday March 7, 2017 I took the opportunity to watch the Ontario Legislative Special Debate and Vote, calling for an immediate moratorium on rural school closures, and an immediate review of the Pupil Accommodation Guideline. I did so with apprehension, as usually these exercises become akin to nothing more than a school yard brawl, complete with bullying, name calling and out and out misrepre... »

closing schools based on skewed utilization numbers

An internal Liberal government document obtained by the NDP shows the Kathleen Wynne government knows it’s closing schools based on skewed utilization numbers, party leader Andrea Horwath says. The concern is revealed in a ministerial briefing note the NDP obtained through access to information laws. In part, it reads: “Utilization does not typically recognize all programs/pupils currently u... »

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