Globe on EA cuts

The Globe and Mail  March 5, 2008Board to consider move to cut educational assistants JILL MAHONEY  Print Edition – Section Front The Toronto District School Board will consider a [...]

Toronto Star on EAs

Toronto Star March 5 2008  Kristin RushowyCutting 230 assistants would save board $10M; Toronto reading program could also be dropped The Toronto public school board will tonight discuss [...]

Special Ed Parents need EAs

March 3, 2008 Dear Trustees: The Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) of the TDSB wishes to advise the Board of Trustees that we are concerned with the Board’s proposal to cut 282 [...]

Letters to Trustees: Don’t cut EAs

Here is a small sampling of the many letters copied to CPE in this last week: From: Parthipan Kandavel    To: (School trustee, ward 18) I am writing with [...]

Crucial first steps of early learning

Toronto Star Mar 03, 2008 Kristin Rushowy   It began 125 years ago in Toronto, a class of 80 students with one teacher – assisted by seven teachers in training. Since then, [...]

Stand up to the Province

A letter to TDSB trustee Chris Bolton:Given the the recommendations of the Falconer report, and everything else we know about the value of Educational Assistants, I can't believe that the [...]

School community workers hired

12 more community support workers will serve at-risk Toronto students and parentsToronto Star Feb 29, 2008 Kristin Rushowy They arrange hearing and vision appointments for children, get parents [...]

Refuse to balance the budget!

A letter from Tim McCaskell  to school trustee, Maria Rodrigues   cc: I am writing to you to express my distress that the TDSB is considering cutting [...]

Petition for Safe and Equitable Schools

Support Safe and Equitable Schools by signing the following petition to: Gerry Connelly, Director of Education, and the Trustees of the Toronto District School Board    To sign go to: [...]

No survey on Homophobia

Catholic School Board Refuses to Conduct Survey on 'Homophobia'By Hilary White  2/22/2008   LifeSiteNewsStudents are asked, "How many teachers or other staff members [...]