Board closes 80% of schools

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Today, Oakville is at risk of losing a strong partner in our community, the local public schools.  Values, safety, community and outstanding academic achievement are the centrestone of South East Oakville (Ward 3) today.

The Halton Distict School Board Trustees have voted to close and sell 80% of our public schools in South East Oakville. Linbrook, Chisholm, Brantwood and New Central would be sold to developers removing one of the pillars of that success. We would prefer to see a elementary school maintained in each community.  As the Minister of Education stated,  “Ontario schools are the heart of the community”

We agree that some rationalization of schools must occur –– but not closing 4 of the 5 English public schools to justify building a new school in a neighbourhood with significant declining student-aged population that will require children to be bussed to this neighbourhood.

We must maintain a school presence in the East, Centre and West of South East Oakville.

This will ensure future growth options with the coming intensification at mid-town and the hospital site in 2013.

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