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For the latest Canadian  education research and policy news. TOPICS  Assessment (2)  Curriculum (1)  EdTech & Design (2)  Engagement (2)  Equity (2)  Indigenous Learning (1)  Promising Practices (5)  Research (2)  School Community (6)  Teaching (8)  Well-being (3) APPLY AUTHORS Select an authorSelectAaron AkuneAaron AkuneAdam de PencierAdam de PencierAdam William John DaviesAdam William John D... »

School Closures put Communities at Risk

In Ontario, over 2,000 schools have been permanently shuttered since 1990. Right now, 600 schools are under review for potential closure; 500 of these schools are located in rural communities and small towns. This is an important and high-profile issue for small towns and rural communities that are already stressed by the local impacts of a changing economic structure, an aging society, and concer... »

Racialized youth face barriers

High school graduation season was marked by a good news story this year. Ontario’s province-wide graduation rate reached an all-time high, with nearly 80 per cent of students finishing high school in four years. But while there’s reason to celebrate, that number also belies a persistent and troubling reality. Kids from minority groups, and Black boys in particular, are still disproportionate... »

Being black & queer in school; what its like

by Shantal Otchere     Jamea Zuberi is a teacher with the TDSB and member of the Black Student Achievement Advisory Committee (BSAAC).                                                                                                                  Blowback over Black Lives Matter – Toronto’s (BLM-TO) protest at Pride last summer exposed the ease with which we are capable of slipping... »

Education Charter – a vision for Ontario

Education Charter – a vision for Ontario

To ensure a healthy democracy we as a society need an educated electorate. A quality public education is the right of every Ontarian. To ensure that all residents of Ontario receive a quality public education that meets their individual needs and serve them well in later life, the following are essential: 1. Funding of school boards must be based on the needs of their students. Presently, Ontario ... »

anti-black racism in schools

anti-black racism in schools

For Black students to succeed, the entire school system may have to be brought to a grinding halt and redesigned from the bottom up BY NEIL PRICE Over the past six months, I’ve been working on a research project focused on improving literacy in the Kingston-Galloway-Orton Park (KGO) community of Scarborough. It’s a community that media would have us believe is a hopeless, impoverished ... »

The class divide

The TDSB has its “have” and “have not” schools. But compared with fundraising among its GTA counterparts, the Toronto board is a pauper. Its average of $118 per elementary student in school-generated funds was the lowest of the 10 English-language boards in the Greater Toronto Area, according to 2012-13 data obtained by the Star through a freedom of information request. The York Region Catholic bo... »

Ministry releases disrepair data for ALL schools  

The parent run group, Fix Our Schools has been calling for transparency on this information so commends the Ministry of Education for releasing data about disrepair for every single school in the province. This is an important next step in ensuring all citizens realize the level of disrepair that exists in Ontario’s publicly funded schools. Public acknowledgement of the $15-billion of disrepair in... »

safeguarding democracy; encouraging students to think

How did U.S. politics reach this bizarre point, where so many are ready to vote for Donald Trump — a situation encapsulated in a Daily News shot of Sarah Palin endorsing him, under the headline, “I’m With Stupid.” I’m not saying Trump is stupid nor is everything he expresses; his blasts against trade deals that undermine U.S. jobs are on point. Rather, it’s the willingness to unconditionally embra... »

A Tale of 4 Schools

A Tale of 4 Schools

Watch this 8-minute documentary highlighting the disparity between public and private schools along Mount Pleasant Rd. While Jarvis CI kids play basketball without nets, Branksome Hall has two salt water pools, a yoga studio, and a a brand new 68,000 sq foot athletic facility... »

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