Low-enrolment schools=more than #s

The Toronto public school board is quietly shutting down Eastern Commerce and Nelson Boylen, the two most under-enrolled schools in the city even though neither has been part of a required area [...]

Who voted to cut?

Eight Trustees opposed the cut of 23.5 special education support staff positions this fall.  In a motion passed by TDSB March 11, 2015 all staffing cuts were passed as proposed except item (g). [...]

The Great School Rip Off

The Great School Rip Off Ontario has stepped up the pressure on the Toronto District School Board to close and sell more schools.   In the ninth of thirteen directives handed down by the Ministry [...]

Stop blaming the TDSB

Dear Premier Wynne, Minister Sandals, Deputy Minister Zegarac:  In your government’s February 4, 2015 response to Fix Our Schools, you tell us to discuss our concerns over safe, well maintained [...]

The schools under review

 1) Conduct the following Pupil Accommodation Review Committees (ARCs) over the next three years.   Cluster reviews in 2014-15 involving:  Nelson Boylen CI, Downsview SS and Weston CI;  Sir [...]

TDSB motion passes

Motion passed by TDSB Trustees Feb 10, 2015 1) That the Board approve the full package in response to the Ministry’s Directive #9; 2) That the Board approve the entire 10 year Long-Term Program [...]

Pause School Closures

 City Councillors and TDSB Trustees stand together to insist that Province puts a pause on school closures in mid-day press conference at Toronto City Hall today.