Outdated funding put schools at risk

Thursday April 24, 2008   CityNews.ca   Hundreds of schools across the province are at risk of closure thanks to declining enrolment and an outdated provincial funding system, a [...]

Atwood on pools

Rich kids swim, poor kids sinkShe learned to swim in Lake Superior at age 6, but not all kids can go to the cottage or summer camp. Margaret Atwood dives into the school pool debate, declaring [...]

Pool money should be public: Crombie

Ex-mayor cites importance of school swim programs in Depression-era T.O.Toronto Star April 19, 2008  Louise Brown If they mattered enough to be built in the middle of the Great Depression, [...]

Funding formula refresher course

KELLY GRANT  Globe & Mail April 19, 2008 In 1998, Mike Harris's Conservative government took taxing power away from local school boards and established a new education-funding [...]

Continuing education given reprieve

Toronto Star April 18, 2008   Kristin Rushowy   EDUCATION REPORTER Continuing education will continue as is – for now. Toronto trustees decided at a meeting Wednesday [...]

“This isn’t over by a long shot,”

Wednesday April 16, 2008  CityNews.ca A months-long battle to keep almost two-dozen Toronto District School Board pools open appears to have come to an end. Despite the countless protests [...]

Wynne, lose and belly flop

Thu, April 17, 2008 CHRISTINA BLIZZARDOnce a champion of the save the pools and schools fight, now look at the education minister My, that's a most uncomfortable petard Education Minister [...]