CPE’s Provincial Election Platform

      Ontario Provincial  Election October 6  2011 equity & excellence in public education   Our public schools fully-funded as neighbourhood hubs our platform To maintain our standing as one [...]

Tories would slash funding -Dalton

  The Canadian Press – Aug 17, 2011  19h20 McGuinty warns of education disputes if Tories elected The Ontario NDP says it will re-examine school funding if elected in October. (CBC.ca) [...]

students strike for public funding

. Chile’s student demonstrations    Photo: Nomasnancis on Flic Chile’s school students joined a two day national strike today after three months of demonstrations and sit-ins all over the country [...]

school supplies regs

    see also  NO MORE SCHOOL FEES FEES FOR LEARNING MATERIALS AND ACTIVITIES GUIDELINE  Ontario Ministry of Education – March 2011  Objectives and Definitions 1  Every student has the right [...]

No more school fees

 from the “CPE Vault”      25.03.11 Toronto Ontario schools will not be able to charge for textbooks, workbooks, musical instruments, science labs or any “flat fee for any course” [...]

Influencing council …

This article is circulating among neighbourhood advocates along the downtown waterfront and is one suggestion of what Torontonians should do to influence the  political centre on Toronto City [...]

breaking news:

twitter.com/cpe_TO (CampaignForPublicEducation)  Joel_Dick tweets:    “Worried about ur local school being closed? I’ll talk with education activist @stephanoTO Thursday at [...]