Okay, we’ll reign in the fees -Libs

The Canadian Press   Thursday Mar. 24, 2011    TORONTO — Public schools in Ontario will get new guidelines from the province Friday telling them what extra fees they can and cannot charge. The [...]

202 day countdown to Ontario election

In advance of the October 2011 provincial election, there are several organizations that are releasing video clips that speak for educationers and the students they serve.  Here are three: A [...]

An alternative budget

It’s a budget that could give Finance Minister Jim Flaherty nightmares, but a left-leaning think tank says it’s one that would serve the country well coming out of recession.   The [...]

Parents converge at TDSB

Concerned Rexdale parents will converge on the Toronto District School Board on Monday, February 28th to plead for a more democratic decision-making process in the upcoming review of their [...]