Give the TDSB an “F” Monday

Give the TDSB an F For Its Handling of Bill 115 and Progress Reports Monday Dec 3, 2012 @ 4:30 – 6PM   TDSB BOARD OFFICE   For the past few weeks, the TDSB’s handling of Bill 115 [...]

playgrounds safe

TORONTO SCHOOL BOARD WILL NOT SELL see also: Toronto School Board right not to sell playgrounds: Salutin. The Toronto District School Board has voted down a proposal to raise money for capital [...]

Bill 115: School boards big loser!

from: The “crisis” in education – Part 2 Bill 115 “…will result in a major shift in control over Ontario’s education system. The Bill [gives] the provincial government a number [...]

TDSB meetings this week

All committee meetings at Toronto District School Board, 5050 Yonge St,  and open to the public unless marked “private“.  TTC: North York Centre subway.  Look for agenda details and [...]

TDSB board & committee MEETINGS

August 22 (Wednesday)Human Resources and Professional Learning Committee cancelled 4 p.m. August 22 (Wednesday)Operations and Facilities Management Committee cancelled 6 p.m. 7 p.m. August 29 [...]

update: pricey maintenance July 26, 2012.  The Toronto District School Board is revising its $3.6 million estimate to provide data for  a Star investigation. How much the fee will drop is unclear, but a top [...]

school staffers want to talk

Ontario high school teachers are willing to return to the bargaining table if the province invites them, even as education unions denounce a controversial deal with Catholic teachers. The olive [...]

“dangerous precedent”

Kristin Rushowy / Robert Benzie  Ontario has reached a key two-year deal with Catholic teachers freezing wages and forcing three unpaid days off — but separate school boards are [...]