These schools aren’t under capacity

These schools aren’t under capacity

Is a school half full or half empty?   That depends on how you measure.   As the Toronto District School Board scrambles to name schools that are less than two-thirds full by Queen’s Park’s counting method, many are asking how good that provincial yardstick is. Education Minister Liz Sandals has given the TDSB just weeks to spell out plans for closing schools over the next three years that are und... »

behind closed doors

At it’s Jan 19th meeting, the TDSB board set up dates to deal with the Minister’s directives (a public consultation on Jan 26th, a board meeting on Feb 4th to consider plans to respond to the directives and finally on Wednesday Feb 10th a special board meeting to approve its plan to implement the Minister’s directives.) Trustees then decided to move behind closed doors to discuss... »

The next CPE assembly on public education will be held on Monday November 24:  6-8pm. If your group or organization is Toronto-focused and demands full education funding, please join us. This monthly roundtable of public-education advocates, parent-community groups and school based workers from publicly-funded school boards reviews progress of our elected trustees, and together, plan the next step... »

get involved

There are so many things you can do to help improve public education in Toronto. Step 1: The first step is to connect with others like yourself who’re deeply concerned about the state of public education in our city. Sending a rep from your group, agency or organization to our monthly meetings (4th Monday of each month except July and December) is a great way to do that. Or you can browse th... »

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