Diving In To Save Pools

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Toronto Parents Diving In To Save School Pools
Thursday April 10, 2008     CityNews.ca

Toronto parents and activists aren't about to take a dive when it comes to saving the city's school pools. When the Toronto District School Board confirmed in a surprise announcement last week it was planning to shut down 34 of the swimming holes at the end of this year and another 16 in 2009 as a means to save more than $4 million a year, advocates went into action.

They've been organizing protests ever since, making up signs, gathering support and gearing up for a big rally at 6:30pm Thursday night at Board headquarters at 5050 Yonge St.

They decry the move, noting with an obesity problem already becoming epidemic among kids, it's the wrong time to terminate a fun fitness activity students like and need.

The Board insists the city and the province aren't giving them much choice and the cash strapped system needs the funds elsewhere. Their premise: with so little cash available, they can't afford to spend money like – or on –  water….

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