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These are (unofficial) notes from the Aquatics meeting with Crombie held May 15, 2008.  
Themes from the meetng
1. Data – inaccurate, incomplete to move forward and close pools?
2. Governance – no one has accountability for the pools. Initially paid for by taxpayers, operated by the TDSB, no funding from the province
3. Untapped Need – no one has thought about what the school pools could be used for – as a result of governance issue. 10 year issue as a result of governance issue. Aging demographic, special needs children, immigrant population.
4. Aquatic Strategy – needs to be JOINTLY done by the community, aquatic organizations, City & TDSB. City has a strategy but done in isolation.
5. Postpone Action – do not close any school pool until #1 – 4 have been addressed.

Helen Bucknell   Allenby Parent
Lets Make Waves Advocacy Group

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