Refuse to balance the budget!

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A letter from Tim McCaskell  to school trustee, Maria Rodrigues   cc:

I am writing to you to express my distress that the TDSB is considering cutting Educational Assistants at this point in time. In light of the Falconer report, I can hardly believe this is being considered. Ten years down the line will we be scratching our heads as more of our kids blow each other's brains out and wondering what went wrong?

As Falconer pointed out, the violence in our schools today is directly attributable to the Harris cuts a decade ago. If the Board can't deliver on its responsibilities to Toronto students within the present funding formula, then it's time for it to take the same principled stand as it did during the Harris years and refuse to balance the budget. Make McGuinty and Wynne send in another supervisor so that the public can clearly see who is responsible for the neglect that so many students experience in the public school system because the Liberal government refuses to fix the funding formula and provide adequate funding.

Tim McCaskell

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