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Organizing for Student Activism

Nov 9-10, 2007 certificate training

CPE’s organizing component is pleased to announce that registration is now open for November’s youth activism training course: Organizing for Student Activism

Activism One:   a 6- hour training module of key organizing skills for public education activism

Instructor:           ۵   Toronto's pre-eminent school-community youth engagement Trainer

Timing:               ۵ Fri 9th Nov   4 – 7pm  &   Sat 10th Nov. 12 – 3pm   (6 hour total course)

Location:             ۵ 1482 Bathurst,   TTC:  St Clair W. subway  

meals & tokens provided each day

Registration:  by Wed. Nov 7th via  attn: Stephen Seaborn




who’s invited

key objectives








Quality publicly funded education for every Toronto student in each city neighourhood

·   Students concerned with the state of our schools & communities


·  Toronto area youth groups & organizations impacted by the deficiencies in public education programs, curriculum, funding and facilities.



·  acquire practical skills for effective youth & student activism


·  access tools for change within anti-oppression framework


·  advance needs of ethnic and racialized communities impacted by inadequate public education


·  identify allies among youth & agencies committed to change in Toronto’s public education


Activism one:


·   event organizing

·   anti-oppression applications

·   communication

·   critical feedback loop








Activism Two:

·   Strategic planning for activism

·   Ally identification for activists




Nov 09 – 10
















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