$170/year would nix tuition fees

“If Ontario families were willing to pay…an average of $170 a year, undergraduate tuition fees in Ontario could be eliminated.” Today’s report from policyalternatives.ca

No more school fees

 from the “CPE Vault”      25.03.11 Toronto Ontario schools will not be able to charge for textbooks, workbooks, musical instruments, science labs or any “flat fee for any course” [...]

special ed needs $15.4m

        Funding essential to Cover the Full Cost of Special Education Programs and Services On June 22, 2011 The TDSB Board decided: Whereas, the Board is facing a [...]

Key forum documented online!

  TDSB's "Office of Gender Violence" joined students, teachers and  community members on April 13th for an inspiring forum and panel    Publicly Funded Schools - an Educational Forum can now be [...]

Taxes for better education

“An increased willingness among the majority to pay more taxes for education”, says a study on public attitudes toward education in Ontario* Excerpts: Public views of Ontario schools [...]

Okay, we’ll reign in the fees -Libs

The Canadian Press   Thursday Mar. 24, 2011    TORONTO — Public schools in Ontario will get new guidelines from the province Friday telling them what extra fees they can and cannot charge. The [...]