Member Groups

Over the past decade Campaign for Public Education has grown to include a broad-based assembly of groups, agencies, organizations and representatives which collaborate on common campaigns and provide support and guidance to our ongoing work:

Social Planning Toronto

Federation of Chinese Parents

Chinese Canadian National Council – Toronto

Urban Alliance on Race Relations

Tamil Parents Association

Canadian Adult & Community Education Alliance

Citizens for Life Long Learning

Organization of Parents of Black Children

Special Education Advocacy Committee

Etobicoke Parents for Public Education

Toronto District Music Coalition

Equity and Accountability Coalition

Colour of Poverty Network

Greater Toronto Catholic Parent Network

School trustees

Horn of Africa – Rexdale

Toronto and York Region Labour Council

Campaign for Stable Adult Education Funding

Participants from the city’s various English-speaking and francophone public school boards

Educators of ETT and OSSTF and CUPE education workers

Councillors, City of Toronto


Mayworks Festival Schools Program

Students for Public Education

Parent Community Network

Muslim Education Network Training & Outreach Services

Metro Network for Social Justice