Our Mandate

We vigourously advocate that the necessary resources be allocated from our public taxes in order to meet the needs of all Ontario students and adult learners and particularly those of marginalized and racialized communities. CPE recognizes that these communities face systemic barriers to participation in our province and are unacceptably under represented when decisions about education are made.

The various affiliates of the Campaign for Public Education work together to rebuild our communities by campaigning aggressively to renew and refund public education in Ontario communities.

Mission Statement

The Campaign for Public Education (CPE) is committed to improving and defending our public education system. This commitment is based on the CPE’s recognition of the role of public education

  • in fostering the personal growth and fulfilment of individuals,
  • in overcoming oppression of all forms,
  • in building democratic engagement and
  • in supporting positive social change.

The CPE recognizes the need for community-based, safe and healthy schools at the heart of our neighbourhoods providing education, recreation and other services.

CPE members are parents, students, education workers, teachers, school trustees, city councillors and other public education advocates. The CPE is committed to ensuring that our public education system has all the necessary resources to meet the needs of all students – from early childhood programs through to programs for older adult learners.

The CPE recognizes that marginalized and racialized communities face systemic barriers and are unacceptably under-represented where decisions about education are made. Ensuring that the public education system fully meets the needs of learners from these communities and supporting demands for access from these communities, are therefore priorities of the CPE.

After more that a decade of campaigning for public education, the CPE is redoubling its efforts to win a complete overhaul of the education funding so that we can truly give our learners what they need to succeed.

Who is CPE?

Who’s involved in the Campaign for Public Education

CPE was formed and is coordinated by:

  • Members of school and community-based groups,
  • Organizations representing ethno-racial community groups,
  • Educators and education workers,
  • Students, adult learners and parents associated with both boards.
  • School Board trustees

How we Campaign

  • Our operational protocol is that of a coalition. Meaning that only where there is common interest and agreed upon action do we work jointly on an undertaking.
  • We are guided by our PUBLIC EDUCATION: A Vision for Ontario and by our 10 point program.

What we’ve been up to

  1. Our 10 point program for public education was articulated in advance of the 2014 school board elections and used as a framework in our discussions with a wide-range of candidates prior to the October 27th elections that year.
  2. CPE has hosted regular “briefing brunches” for school board trustees concerning the Minister of Education directives, Provincial funding of public education and the impact of the 2015-16 student needs grants on special education students.
  3. Community outreach and policy promotion calling for a freeze on school closings pending the design of schools as community hubs for 21st century learning is accelerating across the city.