Here are 4 steps you can take to improve public education in Toronto:

Step 1

The first step is to connect with others like yourself who’re deeply concerned about the state of public education in our city. Parents can attend our School Council meetings each month. If we are a member of a community group  having a rep from your group, agency or organization make contact with CPE  is a great way to get further involved in public education issues.  Or you can browse through our site and find a member group that most closely fits your perspective and then get in touch with them directly.

Step 2

An important next step is to learn more about current issues. Join our Facebok group to keep up to date on the key issues, people and debates involved in this ongoing battle.

Step 3

Another good step is to start engaging. Comment on postings, news articles, facebook and twitter postings, leave comments on politicians’ blogs, leave comments on our blog – or even start your own blog!

The most important thing is to speak up and speak out and let those in power know that you’re not going to tolerate any further degradation in our school system. The key points are staying up to date, staying connected, and speaking out. If enough of us do that… we can rebuild public education in Toronto and create the best, well-funded system our kids and our neighbourhoods need and deserve.

Step 4

Contact your school trustee about the issues you feel are priority in your neighbourhood. Request that they report on their progress on advancing these issues at the board.