In the spring of 2018 CPE is asking each MPP candidate across Ontario to pledge that they will:

  1. support the development of an Ontario-wide “State of Good Repair Standard” for all publicly funded schools so that these public assets are safe, healthy, well-maintained buildings that provide environments conducive to learning and working and that they will
  2. support the provision of adequate, stable funding needed to ensure that by 2022 all Ontario schools meet this “State of Good Repair Standard”.

Further, CPE looks for MPP endorsement of our Education Charter: A Vision for Ontario.

_____________________________________________________________________October 27th Municipal/school board elections platform

ELECTION PLATFORM  Fall 2018   CPE platform for the municipal school board elections:
  1. To maintain our standing as one of the foremost centres of public education in the country, Ontario must immediately address the government funding of public education.
  2. Ontario must invest in ongoing curriculum development and eliminate standardized testing.
  3. Public schools must be fully resourced from the public purse so as to become vibrant hubs of our communities and so as to provide equitable training from early childhood to adult education.
  4. Consideration must now be given to those revenue tools and resources which were at our disposal in the pre-1990 period where Canadian enterprises paid fully 50% of the total tax revenue received by our provincial government.
  5. Elected and accountable school boards must be adequately funded and provided the legislative tools to undertake their democratic role in our communities.


Ontario Provincial  Election October 6  2011

Our 2011 platform  Equity & excellence in public education  Our public schools fully-funded as neighbourhood hubs  

  • To maintain our standing as one of the best in the world, Ontario must fully fund public education
  • Education revenue must be increased to the levels it was in Canada 30 years ago.
  • Ontario must invest in ongoing curriculum development and eliminate standardized testing
  • The maintenance backlog at our schools must be eliminated and no school should be sold.
  • Public schools must be publicly resourced to provide equitable early childhood to adult education and to be the hub of our neighbourhoods.

Our questions to candidates

  1. How will you defend public education and insist that it be fully funded?
  2. How will you successfully bring funding back to  levels of 30 years ago?
  3. How will you succeed in eliminating standardized testing and dramatically increasing investment in curriculum development?
  4. What will you do to keep schools under school board ownership and have the maintenance backlog eliminated?
  5. What steps will you take to assure that  public schools remain the hub of our neighbourhoods & publicly resourced to provide equitable lifelong education?