Investing in education pays off

 A new report from the Conference Board of Canada has found that investing in public education produces a direct pay off to the economy. Researchers at the Conference Board used data from [...]

Opposition builds

 Upwards of 20,000 parents, students and education workers converged on Queens Park Saturday.  From Timmins to Toronto they came with one unified message for the Ford government. Cuts Hurt Kids.

Hydro slams TCDSB students

For Christmas Toronto Hydro Ontario gave the students a big surprise – an unexpected bill for $100,000. Students will have to do without because of this disgraceful cash grab. – Maria Rizzo

Santa Ford naughty NOT nice

 Late on a Friday as seasonal festivities converge, Ontario’s  Education Ministry grants were cancelled.  Included: tutors in the classroom, student success leaders for racialized students, [...]