What’s up at TDSB board?

Another board meeting took place August 17th.    This has been a busy summer for trustees.  Check  HERE for upcoming meetings of the Toronto District School Board. For minutes click here [...]

special ed needs $15.4m

        Funding essential to Cover the Full Cost of Special Education Programs and Services On June 22, 2011 The TDSB Board decided: Whereas, the Board is facing a [...]

Influencing council …

This article is circulating among neighbourhood advocates along the downtown waterfront and is one suggestion of what Torontonians should do to influence the  political centre on Toronto City [...]

breaking news:

twitter.com/cpe_TO (CampaignForPublicEducation)  Joel_Dick tweets:    “Worried about ur local school being closed? I’ll talk with education activist @stephanoTO Thursday at [...]

TDSB board ends 11 hour marathon

TDSB passed a $2.9 billion budget, with amendment for more funding for the Model Schools for Inner City program. Trustee Kaplan requests Councillor Augemeri to speak to all Trustees on sale of [...]

pre summer tdsb meetings

NOTE: TheFinal budget 2011-12 approval by Board Wed, June 22* 1pm REGULAR BOARD MEETING,  Boardroom  –Public Session 4-6, 7 -11pm   [...]

Sept start to next tdsb budget: 2012-13

Note that: On Wednesday June 22nd a board committee recommended $53.3m in cuts this fall. currently $175.8 million of programs and activities of the TDSB board are not directly supported or [...]

trustees to balance needs or budget??

Canada’s largest school board, with a budget consistently larger than that of the Government of Saskatchewan, may be approving cuts to its operations during 2011 – 2012 fiscal year, [...]