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Africentric studies buoy school

Inspiring pilot-test courses get high marks from students, teachersToronto Star   Jan 29, 2008 Louise Brown   Education Reporter Emily Canfield already knows what Africentric schooling might look like in Toronto – she took special Africentric Grade 7 math lessons last year as part of a pilot project at Brookview Middle School in the Jane-Finch neighbourhood. She says it w... »

Board shouldn’t shy away from `black’ schoo

Toronto Star Jan 28, 2008   Royson James The Toronto District School Board this week votes on a staff recommendation supporting the 2009 start-up of a black-focused school in northwest Toronto. Wisdom, common sense, justice and board policy dictate that school trustees vote "Yes." What's needed when the trustees meet, starting tomorrow, is not a grudging, apologetic "w... »

Beyond Falconer

Moving beyond Falconer's report Jan 24, 2008     Annie Kidder   Toronto Star Now that we've lived through the initial reaction to the Falconer report, it's time to take a more measured look at the reality of what goes on in our schools and at what needs to happen to make our schools live up to their potential. First, we must remember that schools exist wit... »

Staff recommends Africentric school

Staff approval opens way to black-focused schoolReport recommends facility open in 2009; trustees to vote Tuesday Toronto should open its first black-focused public school in the fall of 2009, says a staff report aimed at improving academic achievement among students of colour. But the board should also launch Africentric programs in three schools by this fall, as well as invest in a new centre fo... »

Education workers on Falconer

There has been a lot of press about the Falconer Report, the 1,100 page document which was struck in response to the tragic death of Jordan Manners at CW Jefferys C.I. last May.  By and large the media focused on the quick fixes among the 126 recommendations.   A closer reading of this document shows it to be the first real history to record what actually happened to a formerly well-stru... »

The poverty of education

LETTER TO THE EDITOR   Toronto Star  Jan 23, 2008 04:30 AM re:  Black schools wrong answer   Editorial, Jan. 21 The failure of the Toronto District School Board's school for First Nations students made my heart sink. For a long time I have struggled to find a position on the issue of a black-focused school. The experience of the First Nations school – where,... »

Troubled Schools?

The Agenda (TV Ontario, Channel 2) will consist of a discussion on "Toronto's Troubled Schools." The guest will be Julian Falconer.  Tuesday, January 22nd, 8pm with repeat broadcasts at 11pm and 5am Wednesday.  »

Matter of trust

NOW   Jan 17, 2008School safety tome shockingly calls for a narrowing of trustees’ roleBy Andrew Cash If you’re a mandarin at the Toronto District School Board, the temperature may be a bit too hot this week. Julian Falconer’s exhaustive report on school safety, dropped January 10, left no stone unturned. But among all the details about sexual harassment and intimidatio... »

Reality Check

NOW   Jan 17, 2008The Falconer report on school safety paints a disturbing picture. But was the media too quick to jump on the more alarming bits? Take a look at the numbers. The perception left by headlinesSexual assaults, guns and drugs are rampant in T.O.’s predominantly black schools, to the extent that police dogs should be called in for locker searches. Lost in the mob covera... »

School board boss takes blame

Carlos Osorio Toronto Star, Jan 16, 2008 The Toronto school board's director of education is taking the blame for any failure to inform staff about giving input to lawyer Julian Falconer's panel on school safety. Gerry Connelly says she takes personal responsibility for any breakdown in communication that arose between staff and the panel, which was struck last June after the shooting deat... »

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