Refuse to balance the budget!

A letter from Tim McCaskell  to school trustee, Maria Rodrigues   cc: I am writing to you to express my distress that the TDSB is considering cutting [...]

Petition for Safe and Equitable Schools

Support Safe and Equitable Schools by signing the following petition to: Gerry Connelly, Director of Education, and the Trustees of the Toronto District School Board    To sign go to: [...]

No survey on Homophobia

Catholic School Board Refuses to Conduct Survey on 'Homophobia'By Hilary White  2/22/2008   LifeSiteNewsStudents are asked, "How many teachers or other staff members [...]

Community forum on Falconer

 The Urban Alliance on Race Relations presentsA Forum on School Safety and Equity: Community Responses to the Falconer ReportOn January 11, 2008, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) [...]

Hall monitor profile

HIGH SCHOOL SAFETYSchool hall monitors keep the peaceFeb 17, 2008  Louise Brown, TORONTO STAR See a video of hall monitor, Dave Bradley, during his rounds at Earl Haig Secondary School. [...]

School gender studies

Harassment reports renew call for high school women's course Gender studies would help female students deal with inappropriate sexual behaviour, activists sayToronto Star   Feb [...]

160 new school librarians

The Canadian Press  February 15, 2008 at 5:31 AM EST The province is kicking in $40-million over four years so elementary schools across Ontario can hire 160 new librarians, Premier Dalton [...]

Tax cuts reduce services

Toronto Star Feb 13, 2008   re: What's so scary about the right?   Comment, Feb. 12 I'll tell Tony Gizzie what's so scary about the right. Its policies don't [...]

Math skills

1.  New secondary grads trail in math courses    ELIZABETH CHURCH Globe and Mail   February 13, 2008 A large percentage of Ontario high-school students arriving at [...]

poll on Afrocentric school

Toronto board holds to Afrocentric school JAMES BRADSHAW Globe and Mail  February 12, 2008 Overwhelming public opposition to plans for an Afrocentric alternative school will not deter the [...]