Be among 1st to sign on…

We invite your organization to sign on to:  A CHARTER FOR EDUCATION IN ONTARIO Preamble:  To ensure a healthy democracy, we as a society, need an educated electorate.  A quality public education [...]

Trustees on the move…

School boards shouldn’t be mere political stepping stone   If we paid trustees well, treated them with respect and gave them the autonomy they require, they might not be so quick to seek ‘higher’ [...]

Public board chair takes leave

The chair of Canada’s largest school board has resigned and also taken a leave of absence as trustee as he focuses on his run for MP in the fall federal election. Shaun Chen is running for the [...]

Awaiting TDSB governance report

The Provincial ‘community consultation’ about how to deal with the Toronto District School Board included a meeting of Barbara Hall with the Campaign for Public Education in late [...]

TDSB public meetings

August 26 (Wed) Regular Meeting 7pm September 16 (Wed) Operations and Facilities Management Committee 4:30 p.m. September 16 (Wed) Human Resources and Professional Learning Committee 5 p.m. [...]

Ontario’s future?

Apparently, Walmart’s owners, the Waltons, aren’t satisfied with owning the largest low-wage employer in the country and being the richest family in the world. They’ve also been working [...]

WHERE to advise Hall on TDSB governance

SCHEDULE OF CONSULTATIONs  Tues May 19 7-9pm Lawrence Heights North York West) (see map) Wed May 20   7-9pm    North York Central   North York Central Library  5120 Yonge St.  (Yonge north of [...]

public education is about empathy

 There is a basic cognitive science result I call “pre-conscious assimilation.” Within a tenth of a second, incoming information — whether in language, vision, or touch — is unconsciously [...]