Corporate ads on pool walls?

Crombie to ask trustees for summer pool solutions Natalie Alcoba, National Post : Friday, May 16, 2008 David Crombie says he will ask Toronto District School Board trustees to find a way to keep 23 pools slated to close next month open through the summer, as he works to come up with a long-term funding strategy. "If they can't go that far, then looking for the long term is not a serious g... »

Postpone pool closings

Find ways to save pools: Crombie.   Former mayor urges closings be postponed until solutions explored Toronto Star  May 16, 2008  Emily Mathieu   Hold off on draining Toronto's school pools – at least until summer.   That is former Toronto mayor David Crombie's message to the Toronto District School Board, and one he repeated last night at a summit organ... »

No cut to essential programs at TCDSB

Catholic trustees under fireToronto Star May 16, 2008  Kristin Rushowy Toronto's Catholic school board is mired in confusion after a decision not to cut programs or lay off teachers this fall, despite a $5.2 million deficit. Some trustees say they didn't realize what they were voting for and say they took part in the discussion on layoffs, even though there was a conflict of interest.... »

Scrambling over school closures

Toronto Star May 16, 2008 Carol Goar We knew this was coming. School enrolment is one of the few areas of public policy that is reasonably predictable. Demographers told us the number of children in Canada's elementary schools would start dropping in 1999. The downswing would hit high schools in 2006. We've had time to think, plan and prepare. We've even had experience. In the mid-1970... »

Canadian Tire & Y pools aid

YMCA, Canadian Tire join school pools fightCommunity groups willing to aid former mayor Crombie in finding a solution before end of June deadline The Globe and Mail May 14, 2008  JAMES RUSK With a report from Unnati Gandhi Community organizations, including the Central YMCA and the Canadian Tire Foundation, are signing on to the effort to save school swimming pools, former Toronto mayor David... »

Restructuring Background

Our school board and this city have seen too much restructuring in the past 10 years.  Recently the province demanded that the Toronto District School Board restructure and consider de-amalgamation of TDSB into smaller boards.   In response, on Thursday, May 15th the Board's Planning & Priorities Committee will receive recommendations from its "Governance" committee. It... »

Board urged to can bottles

Plastic water bottles could soon be expelled from Toronto public schools., Don Peat, Mon, May 12, 2008 Two Toronto District School Board trustees have issued similar calls for the board to ban plastic water bottles. Their move comes fresh on the heels of the Waterloo Region District School Board passing a similar ban last month. The board will consider the motions from trustee... »

C.W. Jefferys ruling will be appealed by Crown

JP quashed charges of failing to report assaultToronto Star, May 10, 2008 Kristin Rushowy The Crown plans to appeal a decision that quashed charges against the principal and two vice-principals at C.W. Jefferys Collegiate, says Ontario's attorney general. Wednesday, a justice of the peace threw out charges against the trio of failing to report an alleged gang sex assault of a girl in the schoo... »

Elementary school sizes – TDSB

TOO SMALL?  Elementary school sizes in Toronto District School Board: 2 SCHOOLShave 49 students or fewer 18 SCHOOLShave 50 to 99 students 72 SCHOOLShave 100 to 199 students 121 SCHOOLShave 200 to 299 students 114 SCHOOLShave 300 to 399 students 72 SCHOOLShave 400 to 499 students 34 SCHOOLShave 500 to 599 students 16 SCHOOLShave 600 to 649 students 17 SCHOOLShave at least 650 students 367 SCHO... »

Rob Davis appointed new trustee

Toronto Star May 09, 2008 Dan Robson Rob Davis, a former city councillor and TTC vice-chair, was elected late last night as a trustee for Ward 6 (York) by fellow Toronto Catholic District School Board members. Davis replaces embattled trustee Christine Nunziata, who resigned earlier this year after missing three consecutive board meetings. Davis said he hopes to restore confidence as the Catholic ... »

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