Pulling the Plug

Anthony Lieu is heartbroken he won't be able to join the swim team again next year because the Toronto District School Board is pulling the plug on pools to balance their books. The 15-year-old Riverdale Collegiate Institute student was one of more than 1,000 students at the school who walked out of classes yesterday to protest the closing of their pool. "My sport is gone. I feel really b... »

TCDSB trustee search

DON PEAT, SUN MEDIA Calling all Toronto Catholic board trustee wannabes.   The TCDSB is inviting all willing and eligible candidates to submit applications to replace ousted trustee Christine Nunziata. Trustees voted to remove Nunziata from her Ward 6 seat after missing four board meetings and following repeated reports by the Sun of her years of expensing meals, booze and vacations. App... »

Synchronized protest

Parents synchronize efforts to protest pool closingsMoms and dads – some in swim goggles – plan to pack meeting, in a multiple-stage bid to keep the pools open JAMES BRADSHAW   Globe and Mail  April 10, 2008 Trustees of Canada's largest public school board are bracing for an onslaught of outraged parents at tonight's board meeting as they take a further step towa... »

mass walkout for pools  April 10, 2008 Parents and students joined together in a loud protest to save their school pools on Thursday, but their collective voice did little to sway the cash-strapped Toronto District School Board. The TDSB made the surprise announcement last week that it was planning to shut down 34 of the swimming holes at the end of this year and another 16 in 2009 as a means to save mo... »

wave of protests

32 layoffs at school pools recommended23 pool closings a step closer as board committee backs cutting instructors despite wave of protestsApril 11, 2008  Louise Brown  TORONTO STAR The fight to save school pools took on water last night. A Toronto District School Board committee recommended laying off 32 swim instructors this June, despite a tidal wave of support yesterday, including rus... »

Diving In To Save Pools

Toronto Parents Diving In To Save School PoolsThursday April 10, 2008 Toronto parents and activists aren't about to take a dive when it comes to saving the city's school pools. When the Toronto District School Board confirmed in a surprise announcement last week it was planning to shut down 34 of the swimming holes at the end of this year and another 16 ... »

Here we go again!!!

Here we go again!!!  Yet another attempt to shut down our School Swimming Pools.  This time, the TDSB had issued a statement on their intent on swimming pool closures …     How many times are we going to have to go through this?  Almost bi-annually we are required to fight this issue.  At which point will the TDSB understand that WE ALL feel that this ... »

rally for pools Thursday

media release Toronto Thursday, April 10, 2008 – “Toronto communities should not have to choose between swimming pools or ESL teachers” says Stephen Seaborn of the Campaign for Public Education (CPE). The coalition of community organizations, parents, teachers, education workers and students is alarmed at the “other priorities” argument put forward last week by the ch... »

Stop this Lunacy!

A letter to the province, city & school board from Oakwood Collegiate Parent CouncilApril 7, 2008       Re:  Toronto Schools Close Pools Shame, shame and shame on you all and on every level of government you represent for your short sightedness, your refusal to invest in children’s health, children’s futures and the public education system. As rec... »

Hopping angry re pool cuts

Toronto Star Monday April 7, 2008  Letters to the Editor I am hopping angry about the mere thought of closing Toronto's school pools. I am the parent of a student at Riverdale Collegiate Institute, whose pool is slated to close at the end of the school year. I believe that in Ontario, we have a responsibility to ensure that every child learns to swim – not just for the joy of the wa... »

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