Save School Pools!!!

To all of you who hold the future of our school pool programs in your hands: I am writing once again on this subject that doesn't go away. As an educator and a parent who grew up in Toronto and participated in swimming from an early age until I graduated from NTCI and went on to attend York U., I know first hand the importance of the programs. As a child, I had difficulty learning in the class... »

Schools for 21st century

Nearly two-thirds of Ontario's students live in urban or suburban centres. These growing areas are vibrant places where many young people thrive and some fail. In February 2008, a group of people (academics, community and parent leaders, a city councillor, early childhood experts, school board trustees and staff, members of ethno-racial community organizations and representatives of social pla... »

Public debate & cost analysis first!

Toronto Star Editorial –  April 03, 2008Move cautiously on school board Ten years after Mike Harris's Conservative government created the Toronto public school board by amalgamating seven smaller boards, few would argue it is working well. Peddled at the time as a way to cut costs and rationalize operations, the amalgamated board has lurched from financial crisis to financial crisis... »

Starving for Funds

Toronto Star Letters to Editor   Apr 02, 2008 Education Minister Kathleen Wynne's threat to Toronto District School Board trustees to come up with a plan to dismember the board by May or she will do it for them is scarily reminiscent of former premier Mike Harris's approach to the Toronto school boards before he unilaterally amalgamated them, and then put board operations under t... »

School trustees fight back

'This is just like Mike Harris,' trustee says of edict from minister to restructure school board by MayApril 1, 2008    Kristin Rushowy          TORONTO STAR Trustees for the Toronto District School Board have reacted angrily to a May deadline from Ontario's education minister to change how the board is run, and are rejecting ... »

devolution by June or we’ll impose

'For 10 years, there's been a feeling that the board hasn't come together'   Education Minister KATHLEEN WYNNE Make suggestions for devolution by June or we'll impose changes, ministry tells Toronto mega-board Toronto Star Mar 31, 2008 Kristin Rushowy  Education Reporter Toronto trustees have two more months to figure out a way to create a better school board &nd... »

Equity and Safety Demand

Letter to all TDSB trustees Save the PoolsEquity and Safety Demand ItHealth and Fitness Requires It Drowning is the second leading cause of injury-related death among children under age fifteen and African American children ages 5 to 19 drown at a rate 2.3 times that of their counterparts. Economically disadvantaged children cannot afford swim lessons, and are at an extremely high risk for drowing... »

Bus muzak ‘creeps out’ kids

The Daily News (Nanaimo) Thu 27 Mar 2008 Source: Canwest News Service U.S. school bus lines are replacing the noisy banter of children on the morning ride to school with BusRadio – a new service that reaches onemillion listeners on 10,000 buses in 24 states. The company provides buses with a free GPS system, a 911 service and three streams of age-appropriate content for elementary, junior hi... »

Rebuild Tax System

Province's economy looks better in the rearview mirror than through the windshieldToronto Star Mar 24, 2008  Hugh Mackenzie Is the party really over?   When Ontario Minister of Finance Dwight Duncan rises at the traditional time of 4 p.m. tomorrow, there's a good chance he'll be delivering the last of the easy budgets – the kind that don't really require tough ... »

Student Literacy Boost

Toronto Star Mar 24, 2008  Louise Brown  Education Reporter They're in Grade 1 and 2, but they sound like literacy professors. "Hey. You dropped your rubric!" calls one 6-year-old, pointing to one of the small yellow checklists the teacher gives to each child that outline the points they should cover in their answers. Another boasts he's made an important "connecti... »

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