Hopping angry re pool cuts

Toronto Star Monday April 7, 2008  Letters to the Editor I am hopping angry about the mere thought of closing Toronto's school pools. I am the parent of a student at Riverdale Collegiate [...]

Save School Pools!!!

To all of you who hold the future of our school pool programs in your hands: I am writing once again on this subject that doesn't go away. As an educator and a parent who grew up in Toronto [...]

Schools for 21st century

Nearly two-thirds of Ontario's students live in urban or suburban centres. These growing areas are vibrant places where many young people thrive and some fail. In February 2008, a group of [...]

Public debate & cost analysis first!

Toronto Star Editorial –  April 03, 2008Move cautiously on school board Ten years after Mike Harris's Conservative government created the Toronto public school board by [...]

Starving for Funds

Toronto Star Letters to Editor   Apr 02, 2008 Education Minister Kathleen Wynne's threat to Toronto District School Board trustees to come up with a plan to dismember the board by [...]

Equity and Safety Demand

Letter to all TDSB trustees Save the PoolsEquity and Safety Demand ItHealth and Fitness Requires It Drowning is the second leading cause of injury-related death among children under age fifteen [...]

Bus muzak ‘creeps out’ kids

The Daily News (Nanaimo) Thu 27 Mar 2008 Source: Canwest News Service U.S. school bus lines are replacing the noisy banter of children on the morning ride to school with BusRadio – a new [...]

Rebuild Tax System

Province's economy looks better in the rearview mirror than through the windshieldToronto Star Mar 24, 2008  Hugh Mackenzie Is the party really over?   When Ontario Minister of [...]