Math skills

1.  New secondary grads trail in math courses    ELIZABETH CHURCH Globe and Mail   February 13, 2008 A large percentage of Ontario high-school students arriving at [...]

poll on Afrocentric school

Toronto board holds to Afrocentric school JAMES BRADSHAW Globe and Mail  February 12, 2008 Overwhelming public opposition to plans for an Afrocentric alternative school will not deter the [...]

Charter schools next?

That tricky Afrocentric thing by RICK SALUTIN   February 8, 2008 What's wrong with a separate Afrocentric or "black-focused" school in a public [...]

Controversial plan

Community representatives say they're `united' on controversial planToronto Star  Feb 08, 2008  Louise Brown   Education Reporter A dozen groups have thrown their [...]

Not segregation, advocates argue

Afrocentric schools not about segregation, advocates argue Globe & Mail   February 8, 2008    JAMES BRADSHAW    Teaching different students the same way [...]

Invest in childcare

Online Federal Budget 2008 Consultations are happening now until February 11th. Tell the Federal Government why child care matters to you! In preparing its 2008 budget, the Federal Government has [...]

School pools on chopping block

Province refuses plea for cash from Toronto board, which may close most of its pools by fall Feb 06, 2008 Toronto Star   Kerry Gillespie The province has refused the Toronto school [...]

School use funding increased

The provincial government has announced that it will be investing $33 million in the Community Use of Schools program for the 2008-09 school year.  This funding will grow to $66 million over [...]

Provocative reaction condescending

McGuinty's big step backwardToronto Star Feb 05, 2008   Jim Coyle Premier Dalton McGuinty knows as well as anyone the price to be paid when politicians trade in contempt and invite [...]