Troubled Schools?

The Agenda (TV Ontario, Channel 2) will consist of a discussion on "Toronto's Troubled Schools." The guest will be Julian Falconer.  Tuesday, January 22nd, 8pm with repeat broadcasts at 11pm and 5am Wednesday.  »

Matter of trust

NOW   Jan 17, 2008School safety tome shockingly calls for a narrowing of trustees’ roleBy Andrew Cash If you’re a mandarin at the Toronto District School Board, the temperature may be a bit too hot this week. Julian Falconer’s exhaustive report on school safety, dropped January 10, left no stone unturned. But among all the details about sexual harassment and intimidatio... »

Reality Check

NOW   Jan 17, 2008The Falconer report on school safety paints a disturbing picture. But was the media too quick to jump on the more alarming bits? Take a look at the numbers. The perception left by headlinesSexual assaults, guns and drugs are rampant in T.O.’s predominantly black schools, to the extent that police dogs should be called in for locker searches. Lost in the mob covera... »

School board boss takes blame

Carlos Osorio Toronto Star, Jan 16, 2008 The Toronto school board's director of education is taking the blame for any failure to inform staff about giving input to lawyer Julian Falconer's panel on school safety. Gerry Connelly says she takes personal responsibility for any breakdown in communication that arose between staff and the panel, which was struck last June after the shooting deat... »

CPE letter in The Star

Much more to report than meets the eye  LETTER TO THE EDITORToronto Star   Jan 15, 2008 re The real schools issue  Letter, Jan. 13 While the media have been focusing on what Chris Glover calls "American-style solutions," a more thorough reading of the school safety report reveals that Julian Falconer turns his spotlight on the years of government underfunding. He spec... »

Hire workers to support youth

 TheStar  Jan 14, 2008   LETTER TO THE EDITOR The carrot or the stick? re: Why schools aren't safe   Jan. 11 As a kindergarten teacher with the Toronto District School Board, I applaud parts of the Falconer report for recommending the hiring of more social workers, community advisers, and child and youth workers to support marginalized youth. But the report doesn&... »

Make Schools Inclusive

Toronto Star  Jan 12, 2008 04:30 AM re Searches urged at schools Jan. 10   To keep our schools safe, we must focus on solutions that address causes and not just effects. Eye-grabbing headlines and sensationalized news coverage that puts undue emphasis on the Falconer commission recommendations about regular weapons searches at schools and bringing in gun-detecting dogs do not help. In fa... »

Violence report reveals culture of fear in Toronto schools

Jordana Huber   Published: Thursday, January 10, 2008 TORONTO – A panel investigation into school-based violence said the Toronto District School Board should consider using firearm-detecting canine units to randomly conduct "non-intrusive" searches of student lockers and all potential storage areas to ensure weapons are not being hidden, according to ... »

BOARD erupts over Afro school curriculum

29 November 2007 Board meeting erupts over black school plan Toronto Star »

ongoing neglect of our youth

  Equity Policy Advisory Committeeof the Toronto District School Board Submission to the School Community Safety Advisory Panel  Mr. Julian Falconer,  ChairNovember 7, 2007 “…schools cannot be separated from the larger community. They spring from and form part of the community surrounding them. The social issues that plague the communities outside our schools – su... »

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