Don’t Be Cruel to Your Pool Health Canada reports that over half of Canadian kids aged five to 17 are not physically active enough for optimal growth and development. The number of overweight boys ballooned from 15 percent in 1981 to 35.4 percent in 1996; the percentage of overweight girls expanded from 15 percent to 29.2 percent. In less than a generation, obesity in children tripled. As anyone who has tried t... »

Politicians are all wet: Keep the pools open

May 31, 2007 – Everybody out of the pool. Don't blame us, says the Board of Education. Not our fault, says the City of Toronto. The buck stops elsewhere, says the province of Ontario. I hate weasels.The fact is, half a dozen swimming pools in city schools are scheduled to close this year. Yes, they all need maintenance, but they are our facilities, built with our money, used by our kids ... »

Premier’s outrage rings hollow

CAROL GOAR TORONTO STAR Sanctimoniousness is not an attractive quality in a politician. Coupled with a less-than-sterling record, it has the potential to become a serious electoral liability. Dalton McGuinty might want to think about that as he lectures other politicians about fairness and equity. He might want to look in the mirror before he moralizes about the importance of keeping commitments. ... »

McGuinty’s tactics all too familiar

IAN URQUHART TORONTO STAR The Ontario government is quietly considering a major advertising campaign aimed at convincing the public that the province is getting a raw deal from Ottawa. The ads, both on TV and in print, would stress that federal transfers to the provinces and to individuals are not fairly distributed across the country. Specifically, Ontario gets $1.1 billion less in federal transf... »

A fresh face for Ryerson

Downtown university unveils revitalization plan By SANDY NAIMAN, TORONTO SUN Ryerson University is coming out of hiding.   This 58-year-old campus, known to its students for being behind Sam the Record Man, is lost in the inner-city bustle. All that is about to change. This university will have a fresh Yonge St. face and "a welcoming community presence," president Sheldon Levy said ... »

$1B in federal funding for immigrants gathering dust

By TOM GODFREY, TORONTO SUN Almost $1 billion pledged last year by Ottawa to help resettle Ontario immigrants is still sitting in federal coffers as thousands of newcomers wait for the much-needed help. "The money is coming as slow as molasses," Ontario citizenship and immigration minister Mike Colle said yesterday. "It's taking longer than molasses running uphill." The lon... »

Elementary pupils get fewer resources

Schools need cash not budget cuts Toronto Star Editorial The Star is correct in stating that fixing the education funding formula is the only way to effectively address the continuing problem of school board deficits. As teachers working on the front lines in Ontario schools, our members see only too clearly the damaging impact of the funding shortfalls. The quality education that students deserve... »

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