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For the latest Canadian  education research and policy news. TOPICS  Assessment (2)  Curriculum (1)  EdTech & Design (2)  Engagement (2)  Equity (2)  Indigenous Learning (1)  Promising Practices (5)  Research (2)  School Community (6)  Teaching (8)  Well-being (3) APPLY AUTHORS Select an authorSelectAaron AkuneAaron AkuneAdam de PencierAdam de PencierAdam William John DaviesAdam William John D... »

School Closures put Communities at Risk

In Ontario, over 2,000 schools have been permanently shuttered since 1990. Right now, 600 schools are under review for potential closure; 500 of these schools are located in rural communities and small towns. This is an important and high-profile issue for small towns and rural communities that are already stressed by the local impacts of a changing economic structure, an aging society, and concer... »

Racialized youth face barriers

High school graduation season was marked by a good news story this year. Ontario’s province-wide graduation rate reached an all-time high, with nearly 80 per cent of students finishing high school in four years. But while there’s reason to celebrate, that number also belies a persistent and troubling reality. Kids from minority groups, and Black boys in particular, are still disproportionate... »

Being black & queer in school; what its like

by Shantal Otchere     Jamea Zuberi is a teacher with the TDSB and member of the Black Student Achievement Advisory Committee (BSAAC).                                                                                                                  Blowback over Black Lives Matter – Toronto’s (BLM-TO) protest at Pride last summer exposed the ease with which we are capable of slipping... »

Education Charter – a vision for Ontario

Education Charter – a vision for Ontario

To ensure a healthy democracy we as a society need an educated electorate. A quality public education is the right of every Ontarian. To ensure that all residents of Ontario receive a quality public education that meets their individual needs and serve them well in later life, the following are essential: 1. Funding of school boards must be based on the needs of their students. Presently, Ontario ... »

anti-black racism in schools

anti-black racism in schools

For Black students to succeed, the entire school system may have to be brought to a grinding halt and redesigned from the bottom up BY NEIL PRICE Over the past six months, I’ve been working on a research project focused on improving literacy in the Kingston-Galloway-Orton Park (KGO) community of Scarborough. It’s a community that media would have us believe is a hopeless, impoverished ... »

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