Liberals sidestep $15.9 billion repair backlog

Liberals sidestep $15.9 billion repair backlog

 Directly following our Tuesday press conference Ontario’s Premier was questioned:   NDP’s Andrea Horwath: My question is for the Premier. Schools in Ontario need $15.9 billion worth of repairs just to get them to decent standards for our children. That’s a very big number, with very big consequences. In the summer, that number means kids are in the classrooms sweating in their seats b... »

Liberals: $3 billion to save crumbling schools

Noted economist Hugh Mackenzie has revealed that $3 billion per year is needed to repair, maintain and rebuild Ontario’s schools. His comprehensive report shows that Ontario is faced with $15.9 billion of disrepair that has been allowed to accumulate in our schools over the last 20 years. $3 billion per year is over double current provincial funding levels for school renewal. However this problem ... »

Schools in disrepair: why?

Schools in disrepair: why?

The parent campaign, Fix Our Schools, has a series of answers: “We are adrift in a sea of schools that are in appalling shape. The majority of Ontario schools simply cannot be considered buildings that provide optimum learning conditions. Who let it get this far? “You might be surprised to hear that your property taxes don’t go to your chosen school board anymore. The present provincia... »

Email My MPP

It’s time to fix Ontario schools!  Please send your MPP this letter asking that they pledge to eliminate the $15.9 billion school repair backlog and to set a “State of Good Repair Standard” for every publicly-funded school across Ontario. Don’t wait.  1 click to do it now. »

Report: “gross underfunding”

As far back as 2002, a $5.6 billion repair backlog existed in Ontario’s publicly funded schools. Today, there is $15.9 billion of disrepair in the buildings where 2 million Ontario children spend their days. At Queens Park Media Studio 10am Tues, Nov 14 2017 economist Hugh Mackenzie will release his report entitled, “Ontario’s deteriorating schools – the fix is not in”. Details of the $15.9 billio... »

Province, allow schools to collect developers’ cash!

Current rules restrict school boards’ ability to collect levies from builders and what they can spend it on Ali Youssefi, parent council co-chair, and son Kamyar, 10, in front of McKee Public School, which has almost doubled its size to 775 students since Youssefi’s eldest son started there a decade ago.  (CARLOS OSORIO / TORONTO STAR) |    “Families are moving in and new condos are being built, b... »

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