Education in Ontatio

Education in Ontatio

To ensure a healthy democracy we as a society need an educated electorate. A quality public education is the right of every Ontarian. To ensure that all residents of Ontario receive a quality public education that meets their individual needs and serve them well in later life, the following are essential: 1. Funding of school boards must be based on the needs of their students. Presently, Ontario ... »

Vancouver suspends school closures

Vancouver suspends school closures

The Vancouver School Board is suspending the school-closure process indefinitely, after a number of staff took medical leaves, leaving the organization without the capacity to move forward. The district’s new superintendent, Steve Cardwell, made the recommendation to suspend the school-closure process at a board meeting Monday night. Cardwell, who was the district’s superintendent for five years b... »

The class divide

The TDSB has its “have” and “have not” schools. But compared with fundraising among its GTA counterparts, the Toronto board is a pauper. Its average of $118 per elementary student in school-generated funds was the lowest of the 10 English-language boards in the Greater Toronto Area, according to 2012-13 data obtained by the Star through a freedom of information request. The York Region Catholic bo... »

Ministry releases disrepair data for ALL schools  

The parent run group, Fix Our Schools has been calling for transparency on this information so commends the Ministry of Education for releasing data about disrepair for every single school in the province. This is an important next step in ensuring all citizens realize the level of disrepair that exists in Ontario’s publicly funded schools. Public acknowledgement of the $15-billion of disrepair in... »

Two new trustees

Alexandra Lulka and Avtar Minhas were elected in TDSB wards 5 and 1 Monday in city by-elections. Detailed polling results here. »

safeguarding democracy; encouraging students to think

How did U.S. politics reach this bizarre point, where so many are ready to vote for Donald Trump — a situation encapsulated in a Daily News shot of Sarah Palin endorsing him, under the headline, “I’m With Stupid.” I’m not saying Trump is stupid nor is everything he expresses; his blasts against trade deals that undermine U.S. jobs are on point. Rather, it’s the willingness to unconditionally embra... »

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