Toronto makes waves …to August

Toronto makes waves (to August)   It was decided by the Director of the TDSB to extend the deadline to close the first 23 pools from June 2008 to August 2008. We are cautiously [...]

Riverdale Parents sees glimmer of hope

For Immediate Release Toronto May 22 – Riverdale Parent Council, home to TDSB's newest pool, is applauding the decision of the Toronto District School Board to defer the draining of 23 [...]

TDSB Safety release May 20

Read the full report and recommendations: TBSB Recommends Strong Measures to Support Students and [...]

Safety in Schools

Beef Up Police Presence In Toronto Schools: ReportTuesday May 20, 2008  CityNews.caNearly a year after 15-year-old Jordan Manners was shot to death at his North York high school a new report [...]

Corporate funding

DEAL WITH THE DEVIL, OR ANGEL?: NORTH TORONTO COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE AND TRIDEL CORP.How condo developers could be our school saviours  BERT ARCHER  The Globe and Mail  May 17, 2008 [...]

Notes on pools meeting

These are (unofficial) notes from the Aquatics meeting with Crombie held May 15, 2008.  Themes from the meetng1. Data – inaccurate, incomplete to move forward and close pools? 2. [...]

Corporate ads on pool walls?

Crombie to ask trustees for summer pool solutions Natalie Alcoba, National Post : Friday, May 16, 2008 David Crombie says he will ask Toronto District School Board trustees to find a way to keep [...]

Postpone pool closings

Find ways to save pools: Crombie.   Former mayor urges closings be postponed until solutions explored Toronto Star  May 16, 2008  Emily Mathieu   Hold off on draining [...]

No cut to essential programs at TCDSB

Catholic trustees under fireToronto Star May 16, 2008  Kristin Rushowy Toronto's Catholic school board is mired in confusion after a decision not to cut programs or lay off teachers this [...]

Scrambling over school closures

Toronto Star May 16, 2008 Carol Goar We knew this was coming. School enrolment is one of the few areas of public policy that is reasonably predictable. Demographers told us the number of children [...]