WHERE to advise Hall on TDSB governance

SCHEDULE OF CONSULTATIONs  Tues May 19 7-9pm Lawrence Heights North York West) (see map) Wed May 20   7-9pm    North York Central   North York Central Library  5120 Yonge St.  (Yonge north of [...]

public education is about empathy

 There is a basic cognitive science result I call “pre-conscious assimilation.” Within a tenth of a second, incoming information — whether in language, vision, or touch — is unconsciously [...]

New Health Education Curriculum

 Thousands of parents kept their kids away from school in Ontario this week because the provincial government has developed the utterly bonkers notion that students should have some information [...]

Funding formula explained

Torontoist Explains: Ontario’s Education Funding Formula We walk through the complicated funding allocation for Ontario primary and secondary schools, and what that means for students.   BY [...]