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Debate on Education

with all Candidates Provincial Election Oct 2007

Wednesday, October 3rd      7:00pm

Jarvis Collegiate Institute  495 Jarvis at Wellesley (TTC:  Parliament or Sherbourne bus)

Information for parents, adult learners and all voters

Are recent funding improvements enough to solve the problems of our publicly funded education system?  Is expanding funding to private schools good for Ontarians?

We are starting the School Year in the public schools with a deficit of $7.5 million (and depleted reserves in the publicly-funded Catholic school board).  

  • How will we sustain public education in our neighbourhoods of Toronto Centre Rosedale unless funding is provided to pay for the real costs of public education? 

Consider that this will increase to a $30+ million problem for the 2008-09 school year!  Beginning as early as this October decisions will be made that will lead to the following possible cuts:

  • 514 fewer Educationl Assistants in kindergartens
  • 700 fewer caretakers and 177 fewer trades people in our schools
  • 30 more student water safety pools closed
  • 3% of all TDSB budget lines cut – including cuts to each of our Toronto Centre Rosedale schools' budgets


  • If the Government properly revised the funding model so that utilities, care-taking and maintenance was funded at the same level as, for example, Queens Park buildings (currently, Queen's Park buildings are funded at $10.55/sq ft while the schools in our riding are funded at $6.10/sq ft)?  
  • Can the $123 million be found?
  • Can the Province begin to fully fund our School Board for the actual cost of salaries and make up for the $7 million dollar difference in the gap?
  • Which candidates have a vision for public education and which ones will just continue to run education by public education polls?
  • What Can Parents and Residents Do?
  • When a candidate comes to your door, ask about education funding. 

Come to the all-candidates’ debate on education THEN cast your vote Oct 10th for a candidate which you feel cares about proper funding for public education and commits to supporting your children, grandchildren and adult learners to get what they need to succeed by fixing the current funding model.     And, don't forget to vote Oct 10th in the referendum for "the alternative electoral system (Mixed Member Proportional)"


TO Centre Rosedale Voters for Public Education info:     416-670-2555

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