Sept start to next tdsb budget: 2012-13

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  1. On Wednesday June 22nd a board committee recommended $53.3m in cuts this fall.
  2. currently $175.8 million of programs and activities of the TDSB board are not directly supported or funded by government.

A Budget Strategy for 2012-13 and Beyond   (final wording: tdsb board room )

On motion of Trustee Atkinson, amended by Trustees Rutka and Kaplan, the June 22nd Board meeting considered:

Whereas, the budget for the 2011-12 year has been balanced by making approximately $10m in permanent reductions to the budget and $43.3m in one time measures:  which is not sustainable; and

Whereas, the timing of both the Grants for Student Needs and approval of staffing allocation in February-March to meet collective agreement timelines continues to put press on the budget process; and Whereas, to accommodate these pressures, preliminary budget work must be expedited, in particular, any staff reductions recommended to balance the budget must be in place prior to staff allocation in February; and

Whereas, $175.8 million of programs and activities of the Board are not directly supported or funded by the Ministry including programs or activities that the  board supports above the level of Provincial funding as outlined in Appendix A; and

Whereas, a three-year operating recovery plan should be considered in an effort to reduce the structural deficit and reliance on the use of renewal and capital to balance the operating budget; Therefore, be it resolved:

(a) That the budget process for the year 2012-13 and beyond commence early in September 2011, with recommendations going to the Board in December 2011;

(b) That the Director prepare a three-year operating recovery plan;

(c) That the Director provide a proposed three-year operating recovery timeline for a September 2011 meeting of the Budget Committee;

(d) That reductions to staff and programs to balance the budget come from the following list of items which either are not directly supported/funded by the Ministry, or from programs or activities that the Board supports above the level of provincial funding, or other combinations that may arise as grants and circumstances change;

(i) Outdoor Education

(ii) Aquatic staff

(iii) Regular educational assistants

(iv) Literacy/Numeracy teachers

(v) Library teachers

(vi) Guidance teachers

(vii) Classroom consultants, central coordinating principals, instructional leaders

(viii) School budgets

(ix) Elementary supervision

(x) School safety monitors

(xi) School office

(xii) Vice-principals

(xiii) Special Education

(xiv) Model Schools for InnerCities Initiative

(xv) Safe Schools

(xvi) Board administration

(xvii) Transportation

(xviii) Permits

(xix) Vision of Hope

(xx) Aboriginal Education

(xxi) Continuing Education


(e) That the Board establish a 2012-13 Budget Committee to consider the 2012-13 operating budget and appoint members for the term September 1, 2011 to July 1, 2012;

(f) That each item for reduction be accompanied by an explanation of the rationale for its existence and impact of its reduction on the system;

(g) That the Board’s Strategic Plan be used as a guide for proposing and making reductions;

(h) That staff present a recommendation for the hiring of a consultant who is expert in the area of participatory input and decision making to guide the Board in the development of a participatory 2012-13 budget.   At the Committee meeting, on amendment of Trustee Rutka,

Parts (e), (f) and (g) were added, and on amendment of Trustee Kaplan (on behalf of Trustee Glover) Part (h) was added

See complete board budget recommendations here

22.1 Budget Committee, Report No. 18, May 30, 2011 ……………………… 47  1

Revised Budget Development Timelines ,

Budget Committee, Report No. 19, June 8, 2011 ……………………….. 51 1

Balancing the 2011-12 Operating Budget 2

Federal Infrastructure Funding BC:020A22.3

Budget Committee, Report No. 20, June 13, 2011 ……………………… 55 1

  • Budget Strategy for 2012-13 and Beyond   indicates time-sensitive item
  • Proposed Budget Plan for 2011-12 ……………………………………….. 59 Timed Item 8 p.m. 24.

Written Notices of Motion for Consideration24.1

  • Parameters for the Sale of Timothy Eaton Business and Technical Institute (Trustees Wong and Cary-Meagher)……………… 71
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