Bill 115: School boards big loser!

from: The “crisis” in education – Part 2 Bill 115 “…will result in a major shift in control over Ontario’s education system. The Bill [gives] the provincial government a number [...]

High-quality, publicly-funded education

Many mocked us, many vilified us, many told us we would achieve nothing. But after a wave of student mobilization in Quebec through the spring and summer, we can count our victories: on the first [...]

TDSB meetings this week

All committee meetings at Toronto District School Board, 5050 Yonge St,  and open to the public unless marked “private“.  TTC: North York Centre subway.  Look for agenda details and [...]

Court challenge

Fred Hahn, president of CUPE Ontario, announced Andrew Lokan, from the law firm Paliare Roland, has been retained to begin legal proceedings challenging Bill 115’s constitutionality. Brampton [...]

Teachers mourn Bill 115’s passing

Several hundred teachers, many clad in black, attended a public school board meeting Tuesday night in unified protest against the Liberal government’s new education legislation. About 300 [...]

Bill 115 attacks constitutional rights

      Bill 115 is “an unprecedented attack on the civil liberties and constitutional rights of educational workers.” -Canadian Civil Liberties Association.   A legal challenge has [...]

Teachers ponder 1 day strike – cbc

The passage Tuesday of anti-strike legislation in Ontario has some teachers considering cutting back on their extra-curricular work and donning black armbands in protest. The Liberal [...]

Rights funeral 7pm Queens Park

Devastated by a far-reaching anti-worker bill set to pass legislature early next week, education workers will convene a funeral for collective bargaining rights on the lawn of Queen’s Park, [...]