Trustees speak out against Minister’s directives

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new boardTDSB trustees are challenging key aspects of the Minister of education directives. “Trustee Chris Tonks said agreeing to give up their assistants is “asinine. We’re eating ourselves alive here. I’m feeling my blood boil. I rely heavily on my constituency assistant and I don’t know how we’re going to do this.  I feel like we’re being hit over the head with a hammer when we should have had punitive measures for trustees who overstepped their bounds.” –Toronto Star

Trustee Ken Lister “suggested that it’s unfair for Wilson to have compared the support TDSB trustees need because of the number of constituents they represent, noting he serves some 118,000 people, far more than some trustees in smaller, less populated boards.” –Toronto Star

Trustee Jennifer Story “wondered if it was a coincidence that the board is being stripped of constituency assistants who might have helped mobilize opposition to school closings.” –Toronto Star

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