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board cutting03.15Eight Trustees opposed the cut of 23.5 special education support staff positions this fall.  In a motion passed by TDSB March 11, 2015 all staffing cuts were passed as proposed except item (g).  Initially the proposed cut of 33.5 Special Education Support Staff positions was rejected by 12 Trustees (Sheila Ward, Manna Wong, Tiffany Ford, Howard Kaplan, Jennifer Arp, Ausma Malik, Chris Tonks, Jennifer Story, Chris Glover, Sheila Cary-Meagher, Marit Stiles, Shaun Chen).  Six Trustees were in favour of the full 3.5 positions being cut (Michael Ford, Gerri Gershon, Robin Pilkey, Shelley Laskin, Pamela Gough, Jerry Chadwick).    

An amended cut of 23.5 positions was subsequently passed with just 8 Trustees opposed (Howard Kaplan, Sheila Ward, Manna Wong, Jennifer Story, Parthi Kandvel, Shaun Chen, Ausma Malik, Marit Stiles).

Motion passed: that the following staffing levels of school-based staff for 2015-16 be approved:

(a) Allocate 10,709.0 full-time (FTE) positions of Teachers – Elementary  [down 98 full-time positions]

(b) Allocate 4,896.5 FTE positions of Teachers – Secondary  [down 168.5]

(c) Allocate 232 positions (177.5 FTE) of Vice-Principals – Elementary [down 2]

(d) Allocate 162 positions (162.0 FTE) of Vice-Principals – Secondary and Junior High Schools [down 3]

(e) Allocate 9.0 FTE positions of Educational Assistants [no change]

(f) Allocate 1,264.0 FTE positions of Early Childhood Educators [no change]

(g) Allocate 2,462.5 FTE positions of Special Education Support Staff [down 23.5) 

(h) Allocate 1,043.5 FTE positions of School Office Clerical [down 8.5]

(i) Allocate 110.0 FTE positions of School-Based Safety Monitors and allocate additionally the financial equivalent of 89.0 FTE School-Based Safety Monitors  [no change]

(j) Allocate 2,779 headcount positions of Lunchroom Supervisors  [no change]

(k) Allocate 92.5 FTE positions of Aquatics Instructors in the regular program [no change]

(l) Allocate 46.0 FTE positions of Food Program Assistants [no change]

(m) Allocate 2,159.0 FTE positions in Caretaking [no change]

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