Save our Community

  Chatsworth Drive is lined with lawn signs as are streets throughout the John Wanless Public School area. Check out the website  This community is up and ready to take on [...]

$27m in staff cuts on the table tonight

Those not in the house (5050 Yonge St) might like to follow the recast motion via live streaming;  just click here: Now 3 hours from where they started at 7:30pm, the school board [...]

Hudak’s trial balloon

Ontario PC leader, Tim Hudak, last month floated a trial balloon on public education, his party’s “white paper” entitled PREPARING STUDENTS FOR THE CHALLENGES OF THE [...]

No end to deep freeze @TDSB

Update on Capital Funding – TDSB’s New Policy on Land Severance  -Trustee Howard Kaplan Ward 5 The Provincial Government’s decision to freeze capital funding for TDSB put the Board in [...]

Could your kids afford this?

Students overcome government-teachers dispute to publish school paper themselves The ongoing dispute between teachers and the Ontario government meant they lost their staff supervisor, their [...]

Graduating students are IDLE NO MORE

So why is it taking off now and not five or 10 years ago?    A critical mass of educated young people.     Erica Lee is a 22-year-old Cree woman raised by a single mother in a rough part of town. [...]

Weigh in on governance debate here:

Errol Young, photographer, former school trustee, community activist and online education commentator  He represents community interests in the ongoing battles to keep public education public at [...]

Globe disses TDSB

The TDSB is “dysfunctional” and in the midst of a “governance crisis”.  So says Canada’s generally centre-right but influential Globe & Mail.  The paper calls [...]