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Flawed funding formula behind Toronto school board woes: study

The political drama that’s been unfolding at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) over school closures and tight funding is totally avoidable, says the author of a new study from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ Ontario office (CCPA-Ontario).- See more »

School Closures Affect The TDSB’s Most Vulnerable Students

Last week, the TDSB released a list of the 60 schools that have already been identified for closure or reorganization. 48 of these 60 are elementary schools. At this point, the Elementary Teachers of Toronto (ETT) has determined that these schools are the most likely to be targeted for closure. Looking closely at these schools, we have found that the majority are projected to see enrolment increas... »

Schools belong to all of us – City Councillors

Schools belong to all of us – City Councillors

Two city councillors have penned an open letter to east-end parents about the importance of protecting local schools. Ward 30 (Toronto-Danforth) Councillor Paula Fletcher and Ward 31 (Beaches-East York) Councillor Janet Davis released the memo on Wednesday, Feb. 4 in response to recent discussions about the possibility of closing 130 under-utilized schools within the Toronto District School Board ... »

Sign this petition!

http://you.leadnow.ca/petitions/save-our-schools-1?source=facebook-share-button&time=1423080200  »

Public Consultation Meeting Thursday

Public Consultation Meeting Thursday


Closing schools not the answer!

Schools are at the heart of most communities and to close them based on budget constraints is to rip at the fabric of neighbourhoods.  Closing schools is not the right response to declining enrolments, writes Cathy Dandy. Toronto Star Published on Feb 02 2015 Schools must close! This has been the cry for 18 years now as successive provincial governments continue to create a crisis in order to extr... »

Studies favour smaller schools

When discussing amalgamation of schools, it is important to know which size schools are able to best serve various communities.  Studies are favouring smaller, rather than the larger schools often envisioned by the TDSB.  This review examined 57 empirical studies (from after 1990) on how school size effects student & organizational outcomes. The weight of evidence provided by this research cle... »

It Just Doesn’t Add Up!

January 30, 2015  For Immediate Release  Toronto, Friday January 30, 2015  – The Ontario Government is cutting the provincial education budget by $500,000 (a half billion dollars) and then directing massive closures and property sales across Toronto at a time when elementary enrollment is increasing. It just doesn’t add up! The Education Minister’s demand for a plan which would close s... »

10 Point Program for Public Education in Toronto- download flyer here

10 Point Program for Public Education in Toronto- download flyer here

Click here to Download CPE 10 Point Program Flyer »

TDSB enrolment figures excludes adult programs, community groups

With 130 “underutilized” Toronto schools on a list for possible closure, critics say the province’s method for determining whether they are at capacity fails to capture the reality in many of the city’s schools. In response to a demand by the province to address declining enrolment, the Toronto District School Board released a list Wednesday of 130 schools that are operating at below 65-per-cent c... »

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