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Cops out of schools?

Cops out of schools?

When the Toronto police board met [last] week, a lesser-known police initiative called the School Resource Officer program was a minor item buried deep on a packed agenda — and nowhere near the chopping block. But by the end of the monthly board meeting, the 36 uniform cops assigned to work in 75 schools across the city had nearly been pulled out of class, the program suddenly on the brink of susp... »

Trustees training

York Region trustees to undergo training in wake of scathing report York Region District School Board approves plan for trustees to get training in governance and equity issues. The York Region District School Board has approved a plan for extensive equity and governance training for trustees and senior staff to meet the deadlines for the first set of directives set out by the education ministry a... »

Flawed funding formula behind Toronto school board woes: study

The political drama that’s been unfolding at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) over school closures and tight funding is totally avoidable, says the author of a new study from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ Ontario office (CCPA-Ontario).- See more »

Studies favour smaller schools

When discussing amalgamation of schools, it is important to know which size schools are able to best serve various communities.  Studies are favouring smaller, rather than the larger schools often envisioned by the TDSB.  This review examined 57 empirical studies (from after 1990) on how school size effects student & organizational outcomes. The weight of evidence provided by this research cle... »

It Just Doesn’t Add Up!

January 30, 2015  For Immediate Release  Toronto, Friday January 30, 2015  – The Ontario Government is cutting the provincial education budget by $500,000 (a half billion dollars) and then directing massive closures and property sales across Toronto at a time when elementary enrollment is increasing. It just doesn’t add up! The Education Minister’s demand for a plan which would close s... »

TDSB enrolment figures excludes adult programs, community groups

With 130 “underutilized” Toronto schools on a list for possible closure, critics say the province’s method for determining whether they are at capacity fails to capture the reality in many of the city’s schools. In response to a demand by the province to address declining enrolment, the Toronto District School Board released a list Wednesday of 130 schools that are operating at below 65-per-cent c... »

These schools aren’t under capacity

These schools aren’t under capacity

Is a school half full or half empty?   That depends on how you measure.   As the Toronto District School Board scrambles to name schools that are less than two-thirds full by Queen’s Park’s counting method, many are asking how good that provincial yardstick is. Education Minister Liz Sandals has given the TDSB just weeks to spell out plans for closing schools over the next three years that are und... »

Trustees speak out against Minister’s directives

TDSB trustees are challenging key aspects of the Minister of education directives. “Trustee Chris Tonks said agreeing to give up their assistants is “asinine. We’re eating ourselves alive here. I’m feeling my blood boil. I rely heavily on my constituency assistant and I don’t know how we’re going to do this.  I feel like we’re being hit over the head with a hammer when we should have had pun... »

130 Schools in Danger

TDSB staff published a list Jan 28th of 130 schools (many in active use as daycares and adult education centres) which are deemed underutilized when measured by the extremely limited Ontario Government measure of K-12 students in regular programs. The list represents more than 1/4 of all board schools across Toronto. Utilization rate (2014) School Name Number of students (2014) Elementary/Secondar... »

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