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Toronto makes waves (to August)   It was decided by the Director of the TDSB to extend the deadline to close the first 23 pools from June 2008 to August 2008. We are cautiously optimistic that this will give the TDSB-appointed mediator David Crombie the time he needs to identify a solution. Specifically, we are hopeful that Mr. Crombie will be successful at bringing the City and Province to the table, and the three groups will collaborate to secure a long-term sustainable funding solution. Currently both the City and the Province are no where to be found.
On a separate note, among the pools slated for closure this year is the beautiful 14-year old facilty at Riverdale Collegiate. They will be hosting their final swimming event of the school year, tomorrow afternoon on Friday, May 23rd. Everyone is welcome to attend and details of the event are in the attached document.
Third, many of you are asking questions about the outcome of the brainstorming session last week, hosted by Canadian Tire and the Toronto Sports Council, and led by David Crombie. Many Let's Make Waves advocates attended the fruitful session. We are waiting for the minutes from the event, and once they are available we will be sending them out to you.
Finally, we welcome everyone to attend our next city-wide meeting on Wednesday, June 11th from 7:30PM to 9:30PM. While the decision to defer the closures gives us some breathing room, the pools are not safe until we have long-term funding in place. We will be sending out another email closer to the date to announce the location. Please join us!
LET'S MAKE WAVES is a city-wide coalition of people working together to save our pools from closure. We are a non-partisan group. Visit us at

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