No end to deep freeze @TDSB

Update on Capital Funding – TDSB’s New Policy on Land Severance  -Trustee Howard Kaplan Ward 5 The Provincial Government’s decision to freeze capital funding for TDSB put the Board in [...]

Could your kids afford this?

Students overcome government-teachers dispute to publish school paper themselves The ongoing dispute between teachers and the Ontario government meant they lost their staff supervisor, their [...]

Graduating students are IDLE NO MORE

So why is it taking off now and not five or 10 years ago?    A critical mass of educated young people.     Erica Lee is a 22-year-old Cree woman raised by a single mother in a rough part of town. [...]

Weigh in on governance debate here:

Errol Young, photographer, former school trustee, community activist and online education commentator  He represents community interests in the ongoing battles to keep public education public at [...]

Globe disses TDSB

The TDSB is “dysfunctional” and in the midst of a “governance crisis”.  So says Canada’s generally centre-right but influential Globe & Mail.  The paper calls [...]

“sour” trustees?

It has been a thoroughly rotten week for the Toronto District School Board. Its much-admired education director, Chris Spence, has been caught plagiarizing. Its fiscal management is under [...]

Where’s Dalton?

Jan. 04 2013,  11:20 AM EST  Dalton McGuinty has been Premier of Ontario for long enough, has put his family through enough sacrifice, that it’s normally hard to begrudge him a day off.  But on [...]

TDSB officials denounce Broten

  10:45pm Jan. 04 2013,  The same day Ontario Education Minister Laurel Broten was preaching restraint as she imposed a tough new deal on teachers, she quietly renewed a contract with a [...]