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Dear Deputy Minister Naylor,  

• Efficient Price Setting  
First and foremost it is important that GSNs prioritize a school system that is publicly-funded based on student need.
• Outcomes-Based Funding  
An outcomes-based model of funding must be tied to a Students’ Bill of Rights rather than a Parents’ Bill of Rights.
• Accountability and Value-for-Money  E
Extensive research on North America’s public education experience and particularly related to the 170 years of public education delivery in Ontario demonstrates clearly that the search for “efficiencies” will be futile, without putting students first.

The services public education currently provides our students, community members, adults and new Canadians are programs and services that will be improved by:

·         giving students what they actually need to succeed

·         eliminating the Ontario-wide $15.9 billion school repair backlog and

·         ensuring better staffing levels for all program delivery.

• Other Education Funding Efficiencies   
Key items of concern to our community-based policy organization are:

1.       The important role played by Educational Assistants, and how better staffing levels would improve student outcomes and the overall classroom environment 

2.      The dangers of contracting out school board work to private companies and reducing the continuity, consistency and safety that children need. 

3.      How school custodians play an important role in student safety 

4.      The importance of school libraries in providing students with the skills they need to succeed, and the key role played in developing literacy and research skills; fostering a love of reading 

5.      How consistent adult presence by staff keep schools running smoothly and are the frontline of school security.

6.      The problems associated with deferred maintenance and the underfunding of school renewal and repair

7.       The importance of social workers, speech and language therapists, child and youth workers remaining in our schools.”

Funding through the GSNs must be based upon these priorities.

Sincerely,    Campaign for Public Education since 2002  We INSIST on needs-based funding for Ontario’s publicly-funded schools, daycares and adult education.

NOTE to readers: Feel free to copy, paste and improve upon our suggestions if you haven’t yet had time to submit. 
Send your advice to under the Ministry’s proscribed headings of 
•Efficient Price Setting;
•Outcomes-Based Funding;
•Accountability and Value-for-Money; and
•Other Education Funding Efficiencies
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