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A presentation of the surprise staffing model for TDSB was tabled March 21st at the TDSB’s Human Resources and Professional Learning Committee.

By the time proposals leaked out, it was too late for front loine workers or even the parents (whose children will be affected by this loss of service) to attend, the meeting is open to the public. Instructors, teachers and community specialists are URGED  to attend.    CPE Resource Allocation Campaign

President John Weatherup and a number of other Union officials will be making formal deputations.

Services to be cut include:

*           Regular Program Educational Assistants  – a loss of 430 Full Time Equivalent (FTE)  positions (these are the services that were to be protected for a five year transition period, with several years still to go on that pledge)

*           School Office Staff – a loss of 134 FTE positions (both elementary and secondary)

*           Special Education –  positions will be lost but the numbers are unknown at this time.

*           Caretaking – a loss of 10 FTE positions

*           School Based Safety Monitors – a loss of 6 FTE positions

*           Aquatic – a loss of 2 FTE positions

Human Resources & Professional Development Committee, Committee Room A, 5050 Yonge Street (TDSB Admin. Building)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012    4:45 pm – Deputations (Timed Item)

More Information: contact katie.mcgovern@cupe4400.org,  1416 393 0400



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