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All Ontario children deserve to attend safe, well-maintained schools.

Actionable: Reminder to send a letter today!
Many of you have already sent Premier Wynne’s government THIS LETTER, letting them know you expect the Province to prioritize Ontario’s schools as critical infrastructure by releasing a budget that allocates the amount of money required to truly begin to Fix Ontario’s Schools.

If you have not yet sent this letter, please take a moment to CLICK HERE and take this small action today. Fill in the boxes. Scroll to the bottom of the letter to enter your name & address. Hit the red button to send! It is that easy 🙂

Please also share this letter-writing opportunity with other people in your network who care about Ontario schools being safe, well-maintained buildings that provide environments conducive to learning!

Notable: Reaching out to All Parties
In January, Fix Our Schools reached out to all three provincial parties sharing our contribution to the pre-budget consultation process:  While the Ontario Liberals inherited $5.6 billion of disrepair in Ontario’s schools from Mike Harris’ PC government in 2003, the Ontario Liberals have allowed that repair backlog to TRIPLE over the past 15 years to $15.9 billion today – not a great track record. The PCs do not seem to be prioritizing fixing Ontario’s schools nor do they appear to be prioritizing publicly funded education, in general. We are waiting to see what Andrea Horwath’s NDP party releases in a more concrete platform.

Fix Our Schools looks forward to working with all three parties in the months leading up to the June election. Something in the current structure and funding approach is NOT working if we’ve allowed $15.9 billion of disrepair to accumulate in the buildings where 2-million of Ontario’s children spend their days. We sincerely hope that all of you take the time to read the attached document and that all parties prioritize schools as critical infrastructure and take steps to truly Fix Ontario’s schools.

Thanks for helping Fix Our Schools,
Krista Wylie, Co-Founder

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